Why Jaymor?

About Jaymor Industries Ltd

In 1966 Jack Moore founded what would later become Jaymor Industries Ltd in the Waikato town of Putaruru. He set to work developing an ingenious sawmill control system that enabled a sawmiller to electrically size timber to the saw.

The system was patented, and by the early 1980's Jaymor had supplied the control system to every sawmill in New Zealand.

The control system was electro-mechanical, with latching pushbuttons 'locking in' the operator's selection, which was then used to drive the timber to the target position. Position feedback was by way of a segmented disc attached to the fence or knees via a chain. As the fence or knees moved, the disc would rotate and allow unprecedented accuracy.

The systems were built to be extremely robust, illustrated by the fact that some are still in service today.

With the advent of microprocessor-based controls, the Jaymor systems evolved from electro-mechanical to electronics-based. The mechanical position feedback was replaced with incremental encoders coupled to a wire-rope unit and housed in the now familiar Jaymor 'orange box'.

As electronics developed, Jaymor was able to apply the latest in computer technology to the sawmilling industry, and provide systems that offered the user graphical feedback and information on the system's status. The experience gained from working within the industry has enabled Jaymor to branch into more general industrial automation projects.

Today, Jaymor engineers are experienced in PLC system design, hydraulic system design and can now provide custom software solutions to clients in a wide range of industries. With a full in-house electronic design facility, custom electronic solutions can be developed specifically for the client's application.

Jaymor is proud of its diverse skills and experience and also its ability to maintain a reputation of quality control systems for all of the industries that it services.


Client Testimonials

Why Jaymor Service?

“Our log infeed handled a large range of diameters and lengths through the Jaymor ‘True-shape’  system and the optimising and reporting was accurate and reliable. The online support was a huge advantage for our remote location, giving us access to expert assistance and a rapid response at all times”.

- Dean Chase, General Manager of Timbercreek Pine Pty Ltd, South Australia


Why Jaymor Data Collection?

"We presented Jaymor the problem and they provided the solution working closely with our key people. The system was customised to integrate with our complex 'Streamline' mill wide inventory system and has proven to be reliable and accurate.
We have achieved our initial requirements of reducing headcount and increasing throughput and are very happy with the end result.

 - Martin Savory, Group Systems Manager for Southern Cross Forest Products, New Zealand.


Why a Jaymor optimiser?

We have a Jaymor optimising system on our Ahlstrom skew-sawing edger. The project was completed on budget and on time, working around our shut times to minimise down time. Our specific requirements were integrated into the system without any trouble, and have greatly increased the accuracy and reliability of the system. We are very happy to endorse the Jaymor system and their team for a job well done.”

Ian Robinson, General Manager of SA Sawmilling PTY LTD, Adelaide

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