Inline Moisture Meter Solutions

FMI systems

The FMI systems are in-line moisture meters developed by Brookhuis Micro-Electronics in Enschede (the Netherlands) which determines the wood moisture in the production line contact-free, with a view to sorting or selecting wood. It consists of a control unit and one or more sensors. These sensors measure wood moisture content while the wood travels past them without making any contact.

The FMI-III system can easily measure the wood moisture content at a speed of 200 pieces a minute with systems suitable for transversal transport, or 600 meters a minute with systems suitable for longitudinal transport.

The FMI-IV system is the latest development from Brookhuis. It is developed as the most versatile and fastest in-line moisture content measuring system ever and measures up to 300 pieces a minute. The measuring rate of FMI-IV is 500 measurements per second which brings the minimum measuring time for a single plank or board down to 10 milliseconds only.

inline wood moisture content meter FMI III sawmilling moisture content meter control unit FMI IV
The control units of the FMI-III and FMI-IV

FMI Sensors

Depending on the machine configuration, the following sensor types are available

  • FMI L-type sensors for longitudinal wood transport
  • FMI X-type sensors for transversal wood transport

FMI L-type sensors for longitudinal wood transport

Wood in longitudinal transport

# FMI X-type sensors for transversal wood transport

Wood in transversal transport


One of the most important aspects of a FMI system is its ability to sort wood, ensuring that only wood with the right moisture content is released for further production. It is also possible to set a number of limiting values so that wood can be sorted on the basis of moisture content. Sorting can also be carried out by hand with a marking system or, if it is within the machine's capabilities, the FMI system can also control a fully automated sorting system.

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