Microprocessor-controlled system
The control unit FMI-III is provided with an extensive software program. It is menu-driven and with the function keys simple operation is guaranteed. The data can either be printed with a printer or processed with a PC. Extensive reports and statistics can be produced in combination with programs like MS Excel and MS Access.

FMI -III control unit
FMI-III control unit


  • Selectable languages (English, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese and Russian)
  • Adjustable sensitivity for knot, wet spot and finger joint suppression
  • Report generator for PC or printer
  • Alarm setting (rejected compared to measured boards)
  • Software for 1000 product programs with settings for
    • Wood species type (16 characters)
    • Batch information (2 lines / 16 characters)
    • Density
    • Dimensions (mm or inches)
    • Peak, average or real-time marker
    • Maximum and minimum MC level
    • Calibration procedure (automatic / manual)
    • Calibration optimization
  • Graphical display 65 x 120 mm (2.5 x 4.7") withbacklight
  • A measurement screen for average, maximum, minimum and continuous Moisture Content (MC) reading of each board
  • A statistical screen with 10 adjustable ranges for average MC, standard deviation and graphical information of all measured boards
  • Accuracy 1% MC typical
  • Backup memory
  • Digital inputs for automatic zeroing, start/stop measuring and pause measuring
  • Relay outputs for watchdog, maximum and minimum MC level, real-time marking and alarm (Optional sorting on 4/5 levels)
  • Communication port RS 232 and RS 485 for PC or printer
  • Ethernet connection (optional) for integration in factory network
  • Analogue output 0(4)~20 mA or 0~10 Volt
  • Supply voltage 90~132 / 175~264 VAC 47~440 Hz
  • Operating temperature 10~40ºC (50~104ºF) (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions 380x380x240mm (15x15x9.5 inches)
  • Weight 12.7 kg (28 lbs)


In this next generation moisture measurement system, Brookhuis uses state-of-the-art electronics.

The heart of the FMI-IV system is a "real-time" and "open" PLC system from Phoenix with an INTERBUS field bus with fibre optical connections. With the integration of the INTERBUS field bus in the Brookhuis sensors and control unit, new functions such as remote access and remote servicing as well as simple and fast network facilities are available. Up to 10 FMI-IV sensors can be connected to one control unit. Also other devices based on the INTERBUS field bus can integrated fast and with low costs. A FMI-IV system can be upgraded with optional density measurement for improved accuracy and dimensions measurement for versatility. Remote access, network facility and industrial PC with touch screen are also available options.

  • The open fieldbus system INTERBUS for modern automation uniformly links all the process peripherals with all common controllers. With the serial bus cable, it is possible to network sensors and actuators, control machines and systems, network production cells and connect higher-level systems, such as control rooms.

FMI-IV comes with a Windows based operating software for easy access and operating.

FMI-IV control unit
FMI-IV Control Unit

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