FMI Sensors for Transversal Transport

The FMI in-line sensors of Brookhuis Micro-Electronics for transversal feeding makes it possible to measure wood moisture content without contact with the wood.

The FMI-IV X-type sensors measures the moisture content at a speed to 300 pieces a minute and measures 500 times a second.

The FMI X-type includes a control unit and one or more sensors.

fmi moisture meter for transversal transport in sawmills

FMI transversal sensors

Microprocessor-controlled sensor

  • Industrial type, stainless steel
  • Narrow field sensors (100, 400 or 600mm)
  • Integrated optical sensor(s) for board detection 
    • Maximum 1 transversal sensor X100 per control unit
    • Maximum 3 transversal sensors X400/X600, standard mode per control unit
    • Maximum 6 transversal X400/X600, master-slave mode per control unit
    • Maximum 200 pieces per minute
    • 400 MC measurements per second
  • FMI-IV
    • Maximum 1 transversal sensor X100 per control unit
    • Maximum 10 transversal sensors X400/X600 per control unit
    • Maximum 300 pieces per minute
    • 500 MC measurements per second
  • Fully automatic calibration, no potentiometers
  • Operation temperature -10~+40ºC (14~104ºF), non-condensing
  • Digital communication (no interference problems as you might realize with analogue systems)
  • Dimensions
    • X100 (400 x 200 x 150 mm)
    • X400 (400 x 200 x 150 mm)
    • X600 (600 x 200 x 150 mm)
  • Weight
    • X100 (5.4 kg)
    • X400 (5.4 kg)
    • X600 (8.1 kg)

FMI for maximum performance and flexibility...

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