FMI Accessories

FMI Printer

FMI Printer is a package consisting of a serial printer with printer cable specially configured for the FMI-III control unit for making A-4 size reports without computer.

FMI printer

FMI Report

FMI Report is a software program for the FMI-III control unit that runs under MS Windows for making and storing batch reports on a PC or server. Batch reports are also stored as so-called "mdb" files for further processing in database software such as MS Access. Maximum 6 FMI systems can be connected to the FMI Report software.

FMI Report


FMI RCD is a so-called Remote Controlled Database software program for the FMI-III control unit that runs under MS Windows. FMI RCD operates the FMI-III control unit from a PC. It starts and stops the measurements and organizes the data per plank including date, time and measurement result for each individual measurement. This data is stored in so-called "mdb" files for further processing with database software such as MS Access. with FMI RCD software the FMI system can sort into 4 moisture levels as a standard.


Marking system

With the Brookhuis FMI systems the moisture content of every single piece of wood is measured and compared to user set limiting values. Depending on the type of FMI system as well as the operating software or firmware, marking systems or indicating systems can be connected. A marking system is used to mark wood that is either outside the user set moisture content range or when it is according to a preset moisture range. The marker set is a complete package consisting all the parts for marking in 1 color. The marker set can be used for both longitudinal and transversal systems.

fmi marking longitudinal

System integration and Software updates

Brookhuis FMI systems are used as stand-alone systems or as integrated systems. The hardware and software options needed to fulfill the customers' requirements units are either ready-to-use options available in the latest software and/or firmware but can also be a dedicated customer solution. Therefore the Brookhuis FMI systems can be easily updated with new software and/or firmware. Please contact Brookhuis or your local dealer to discus the required solution.

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