Enclosed Sensing Head

The enclosed detector head is ideal for applications where the material on the conveyor belt is likely to sit a reasonable height from the base of the belt. The conveyor will be fed through the centre of the head so that the product is examined from all four sides of the head.

The dimensions of the opening in the head will be constructed to suit the specific conveyor size and the likely height of product on the belt. As sensitivity reduces with distance from the sensing head, Jaymor technicians will work with the customer to ensure that an optimal head size is designed to meet the requirements of the application.

The location of the mounting brackets and junction box on the head can be placed in any position to suit the individual mounting requirements of the end user. The brackets are typically constructed of 50mm x 50mm aluminium angle and can extend past the outer dimensions of the head if needed. It is recommended that the brackets on the head are used for mounting as attaching any other metal to the head may compromise its performance.

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