Hydraulic System Design

Hydraulic servo-cylinders

Jaymor sources high quality servo cylinders from New Zealand manufacturers, custom designed for each client's application. All cylinders have a precision honed finish to ensure long seal life and repeatable operation.

Special low friction seals enable accurate position control with either pure servo or servo-mode proportional valves. Cylinders can be manufactured to regenerative if required, with mounting either by trunions (end or mid mount) or by flang mount.

Many Jaymor cylinders have been machined to accept linear displacement transducers for high speed motion control applications, with positioning possible to 0.1mm.

In applications where space is at a premium and mulitple cylinders are required, Jaymor can offer a tailor-made cylinder banks. Installation is greatly simplified as all cylinders are mounted to a common manifold with one hose in and one hose out.

The pressure and return lines are then distributed to each individual cylinder from galleries within the manifold. Facility for a high pressure filter can be incorporated in the design to produce a compact and professional end product.


Hydraulic power-pack design

Jaymor Industries is able to custom manufacture hydraulic power-packs to suit many control applications. These can either be constructed to the customer's specification or Jaymor's technicians can design the entire system.

The power-pack pictured to the right is a 4kW, pressure-compensated unit. This was designed to control a single 2" x 1.25" cylinder, although is able to power a pair of cylinders with the addition of an hydraulic accumulator to the circuit.

Jaymor power-packs are given a heavy duty powder-coat finish inside and out so that rust and paint flakes do not cause contamination issues with the oil as the pack ages. The lid fixings are placed on an extended lip of the tank so that as they are tightened, there is no chance of contaminants entering the tank.

High quality components are sourced from reputable agents such as Vickers, Pall and Hystar and are combined to produce a reliable product that will give many years of service. High pressure filtering can be placed on the power pack, built into the hydraulic cylinder, or placed where necessary remotely in between. Common features of the Jaymor hydraulic power-packs are listed below:

  • Power ranging from 4kw to 30kw.
  • Flows ranging from 30 to 300 l/min.
  • Pressure compensated pumps up to 3000 psi.
  • Adjustable relief valve.
  • Baffled tank
  • Heating elements installed as standard.
  • Pressure indication installed as standard.
  • Return line filtering.
  • Optional cooling systems.
  • Optional accumulator with auto dump.

Hydraulic servo-valves

Jaymor Industries is the authorised Australasian distributor for the HR Textron range of servovalve products.

Experience has proven that the R-DDV® servovalve to be not only extremely fast and accurate, but also relatively tolerant to impurities in the oil due to its unique design. The Rotary Direct Drive system eliminates the need for pilot pressures to operate the valve, with no nozzles, jets or filters to plug, the R-DDV® servovalves give exceptional reliability.

How the R-DDV® Servovalve works:
A limited angle brushless dc torque motor drives a valve spool directly through an "eccentric" built into the motor shaft. Rotary motion of the motor shaft results in motion of the spool, which in turn modulates fluid flow through the valve control ports.

The R-DDV® servovalve incorporates an integrated electronic controller with sophisticated control algorithm, which is packaged into the motor enclosure. The controller compares the electronically monitored spool position with the input command signal. The resulting error signal is amplified to produce a current, which drives the motor to the commanded position. The signal is electronically enhanced to give optimum valve performance - hysteresis, linearity and internal leakage are minimized while dynamic performance and stability are optimised.

Please contact Jaymor for more information on our HR Textron product range.

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