Peripheral Devices

Jaymor offers a number of peripheral device solutions, including:

Joysticks Finger-tip joystick controls
Joystick Interface Modules (JIM) Lasers
Position feedback devices Pull-cord switches
Custom Operator Consoles AC Drives



The JC6000 heavy-duty wobblestick is available in several configurations. The customer is able to specify the output type to be either a standard wiper potentiometer or non-contact Hall Effect. Being non-contact, the Hall Effect option is very popular in high-use applications, offering a much longer life span (rated at 15 million operations). Both versions are able to have additional micro-switch outputs for each axis of travel.

Jaymor can supply the JC6000 base as a bare unit with no hand grip, with one of the standard plastic handles from Penny & Giles (as pictured), or with one of our own heavy duty handpiece grips. The wiring for the buttons of the handle are wired down through the base and are accessible from one of the connectors on the bottom of the wobblestick. This makes it simple to replace the base quickly and easily should there ever be a problem.

There are many options for the JC6000 base from number of axis (either single of double), to spring weight. Jaymor has also developed a Joystick Interface Module which provides additional flexibility, allowing for voltage, current, relay or PWM output signals from either the potentiometer or Hall Effect models. For more information, click here.


Finger-tip joystick controls

Some applications do not require the feel and travel of a full-sized wobblestick base. Where the operator is only likely to make slight movements to control a system, or where space is at a premium, some of the smaller joystick options can prove more appropriate.

Typically the smaller joystick controllers are only available in either microswitch or potentiometer track versions, however with the addition of the Jaymor Joystick Interface Module they can still offer much flexibility.

Jaymor has several joystick options available from various suppliers and are confident of providing a solution to meet the customer's needs, whatever the application may be.


Joystick Interface Modules (JIM)

Jaymor has developed an electronic control module especially for interfacing to the most common joystick configurations. Capable of taking a signal from each axis of an XY joystick, the JIM module can be programmed to provide the desired output via a PC or laptop. The user is able to set swiching levels for relays, or customise the response of an analog or PWM model. This may include allowing for a deadband on the output, or adding a non-linear knick in the response.

The powerful JIM Module requires a 9 to 36VDC supply and is available in four models, each with a different output type:

  • Relay output only (up to 4 outputs)
  • Relay + analog voltage (0 to 10VDC or +/-10VDC)
  • Relay + analog current (up to 100mA per channel)
  • Relay + PWM (up tp 30VDC)

As the JIM will accept an input signal of either 0 to 5VDC (for Hall effect), 0 to 10VDC, or up to +/-10VDC, it has proven useful in many other applications as a voltage to current converter, or voltage to PWM module.

For more information on joysticks or any more of our devices, please contact Jaymor.



Jaymor sells Laserex products. Laserex produce high quality, affordable laser products and accessories.

Laserex Technologies has been designing and manufacturing laser diode modules and solutions for the last 20 years. Over that time they have gained a world-wide reputation for high quality products with quick turnaround times and excellent levels of customer service. Laserex is an ISO-9001 Quality Assured Company.

Laserex Technologies manufactures laser diode modules both visible red and infra red in wavelengths from 635nm up to 808nm fora wide range of industrial and OEM applications. The lasers are available in all common output powers ranging from 1mW up to 200mW. We also stock 532nm green laser modules as well as 1064nm Infrared Diode Pumped Solid State lasers.

Laserex Technologies has a wide range of optical configurations suitable for the modules. Line generators come in all common fan angles with either rod or machined lenses including a Uniform Intensity Line Generator that produces a bright laser line of equal intensity across the entire laser line. The laser modules can come with a focused or collimated beam with the option of a line generator or cross-hair attached.

Laserex laser modules can come with micro spots or lines to an accuracy of a few microns. The range of laser receivers are suitable for a number of scientific and industrial applications. Laserex Technologies also has a wide range of laser diodes from the world's leading manufacturers.

View the Laserex product range on the Laserex website


Pull-cord switches

pull cord switch box

Recently Jaymor Industries Ltd ceased production of the original "BCS-3" style of pull cord switch. This switch has proven to be a rugged and popular design, although the increase in parts and manufacturing costs over the years have made it an uneconomic option for the majority of installations.

In order to provide a solution for the installations that require the flexibility of the older BCS range, Jaymor now offers the new BCS-10+ range pull-cord switch. This switch is a progression from the older BCS options and offers significant advantages over its predecessors:

  • IP65 rated enclosure.
  • Greater flexibility with contact configurations.
  • Simpler cam operation ? no springs.
  • Flexibility with lever or mounting plate configuration.

The BCS-10+ range consists of:

BCS-10 - 1-pole PULL ON / PULL OFF latching operation.
- 3-wire stop/start pull cord switch (BCS3 equivalent).
- has one momentary and one latching contact.
BCS-11 - 1-pole PULL ON / PULL OFF latching operation (BCS2 equivalent).
BCS-12 - 3-pole PULL ON / PULL OFF latching operation.
BCS-13 - 1-pole OFF / ON spring return operation
(BCS1 equivalent).
BCS-14 - 2-pole OFF / ON spring return operation.
BCS-15 - 1-pole changeover spring return operation.
BCS-16 - 1-pole N/C spring return operation.


Position feedback devices

Many control applications require the monitoring of position feedback. This may be to enable a "closed control loop", or to simply give an operator live indication of machine status. Jaymor has a large amount of experience with various position feedback devices, developed over years of service to the sawmilling industry with dimension control products.

The signals recieved from any feedback device can be divided into two main categories - Analog or Digital. While analog feedback devices are generally less expensive than their digital equivalent, they can display inconsistencies with temperature change and may be more susceptible to interference. Jaymor recommends the use of digital position feedback where repeatability and reliability are significant concerns. In most applications it is necessary to provide "absolute position feedback", so that there is no chance of the controlled axis becoming lost after an unexpected event such as power loss.

Feedback devices are available in many different physical configurations, each one suited to their own applications. Depending on the type of positional feedback required, Jaymor may recommend either an angular encoder solution, or one of several linear position options. Some commonly implemented feedback solutions include:

  • Incremental encoder feedback for angular displacement.
  • Absolute encoder feedback for angular displacement.
  • Analog encoder feedback for angular displacement.
  • Draw-wire options for any of the above encoders to enable linear positional feedback.
  • Profile magnetostrictive transducers for linear displacement (either analog or digital).
  • Rod-style magnetostrictive transducers for mounting inside of a hydraulic cylinder (either analog or digital).

Please contact Jaymor for more information on determining the most appropriate feedback solution for your application.

AC Drives

Jaymor Industries Ltd is a specialist in AC Vector Drive motor control. We have many years experience in implementing AC motor control in various sawmill and factory automation applications.

Whether a full conversion from hydraulics to electric control is required, or simply an upgrade for an existing motor and gearbox, Jaymor is able to give sound advice with the backing of many successful installations. Jaymor is available to consult at the earliest stage of design to ensure that the desired results are achieved by the end of the project.

Jaymor has experience with many brands of Variable Speed Drive including Allen Bradley, Control Techniques, Danfoss, PDL, SEW, Vacon and more.

Common AC Vector applications include:

  • Log carriage dimensioning (new and retrofit).
  • High speed winch control.
  • Roller and conveyor speed control.
  • Materials handling.
  • Custom motion control.

Our Preferred Solution

Commander SK has been designed as a simple, compact, cost effective AC motor speed controller that delivers performance with simplicity and ease of use. With all the parameters you need for 90% of applications printed on the front of the drive, Commander SK ensures installation and commissioning are straight forward.

However, for more demanding applications, Commander SK can deliver the benchmark functionality of its larger Solutions Platform products and at no extra cost on the base drive itself. Plug-in options, dynamic performance, PLC functionality and other benchmark features ensure that in more complex applications Commander SK can deliver more than the average general purpose drive - giving you lower cost solutions and better productivity in your motor control applications.

Contact Jaymor for more information regarding AC Drives and motor control


Custom Operator Consoles

Jaymor Industries Ltd can design and supply custom operator consoles and system housings to suit many applications. Our technical staff are able to assemble and pre-wire to the customer's requirements and pride themselves in producing work that is of a consistantly high standard.

There are many considerations when undertaking a console design depending on the nature of the control system. Some examples are whether the operator will stand or sit, whether corrosive substances are present, whether the console will be in a dirty environment and whether an IP rated seal is required. Depending on the requirements of the application, Jaymor can source the enclosure from our supplier network, or design and build a custom solution for the application.

The operator console pictured on the right features the following:

  • 15 inch panel PC running a custom developed software application.
  • Industrial style membrane keyboard.
  • 2 proportional analogue joysticks.
  • Button controls.
  • Wireless ethernet communication to the machine.

Cabinets are often constructed from mild steel with a hard-wearing powdercoat finish, or stainless steel. Powdercoat colours can be made to match company colour schemes with paint-matching experts able to create almost any colour required.

Please contact Jaymor for more information on our enclosure and console options.

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