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Jaymor Industries Ltd has been servicing the sawmilling industry in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands for over 40 years. In 1966 Jack Moore set out to design a method for the sawmiller to accurately dimension timber to the saw, and in doing so he set the foundations for the electronic setworks systems of today.

Early systems were an electro-mechanical solution and proved to be very rugged - so much so that some systems were still in use as we entered the 21st century. Today's systems are largely microcontroller or PLC based, with powerful computing options available to provide remote access and data logging.

Jaymor Industries is proud of its sawmilling heritage and has been able to design control systems specifically for the local markets that they have serviced for so long. Sawmillers are able to be choose between common PLC systems or electronic systems designed specifically for their industry, safe in the knowledge that Jaymor's experience will ensure a great end result. 

Jaymor offers:

Greenmill Control Systems Drymill Control Systems
Handheld Moisture Meter Solutions Inline Moisture Meter Solutions

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